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Your Son's Son

Your face from sonogram looks at me directly,
are you grimacing?
Displeased, ill at ease, uncomfortable,
All balled up and squished inside your mom's tummy.

Listen kid, I like your impatience,
Keep that 'tude, like they say,
You want out, you want in, so,
Live every day like your dying.

And you, not even born yet!

Ignore those who tell you in life,
Be patient,
Except for the pain of a broken heart,
Which is the only human organ that heals itself
With patient time attending to its cuts,

Run hard every day.

Wait for nothing except true love,
Which finds you when it's your time,
When you're ready, ready to appreciate
The most important part of being alive.

Be unafraid, come to us,
we too are impatient,
waiting for you with true love.

4:23 AM
March 2013
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April Wilkinson More than 1 year ago
Oh what a blessing! I can/can't wait lol.
Nat Lipstadt More than 1 year ago
You make me smile unstoppable
Dawn Rogers More than 1 year ago
what else can I say?
Nat Lipstadt More than 1 year ago
Well I can say with gratitude, thank you!
Charles Hill More than 1 year ago
Well crafted, well written, loving, and filled with emotion. Great use of bliss, joy, and love. Excellently written.
Nat Lipstadt More than 1 year ago
With deep appreciation, thank u!
Abhimanyu Negi More than 1 year ago
Good Judgment on the impatient behaviour of a foetus normally seen.
Sarah Christine Tolliver 10 months ago
I love this! It's a very sweet way to express how you're waiting for the next generation and giving sage advise at the same time.
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