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Push it Inside of me

Lay me down as you put something in between my thighs
Lay back as your tongue I begin to ride
Stick it inside of me
Massage and lick my ecstasy
My nature's calling
My body's yearning for you
Tonight I want you to make all my dreams come true
Push it inside of me, Make me sweat
Taste the juices from my nature, that's dripping wet
Turn the lights down
Start my fire with your hands
My body starts to shiver as you begin to slide off my pants
Ummm!How big and juicy! Your piece is inside of me
Tonight I want you to make me scream
Push it inside of me ; make me say your name
I want to holla, I want to scream
My body starts to move as you pour on the caramel
I start to moan as you lick it clean
Push it inside , do it right
Just do what you do to me , all night
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George Nosis More than 1 year ago
Poetry is an expressive form of writing... it is an art... and words must explain the feelings of experience. great job Gwendolyn. BTW, this poem did invoke the senses... and...... Please read my poem: http://poetry.com/poems/560220-Symphony-of-Love
Camilo Flores More than 1 year ago
very interesting , good detail !
Kat Rombold More than 1 year ago
It was a little blunt and out there for my personal taste, but it was well written.
gwendolyn williams More than 1 year ago
I wrote this poem over 12 years ago and I was very young. This poem is very detailed and I apologize if I offend anyone. As I have grown so have my words and detail for different aspects of life....But I do not apologize for expressing myself as I saw fit at the time. Thank you for your opinions
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