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Fiddly Diddly

Sun was shinning down.
People were playing around.
The wind was breezy.
Rigid as the crisp of the Artic.
A man was fishing.
I think he got a snare.
Then the fish flew in the air.
Before I go too far.
I must stop before the tar.
Now I need a title.
Not the ocean tidal.
Muddly Puddly.
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Geni Kelepouris More than 1 year ago
great flow.  good work
Nick Adegwe-Oshomah More than 1 year ago
Great effort
Ismet Özce More than 1 year ago
I like it.
Steve Reader More than 1 year ago
in line 6, Crisp "off" the Arctic. Tar a reference of polution?, elinate 'were' in line 2, Sun was shinning down ,People playing round reminds me of a Doors song.
Sheri Moroe More than 1 year ago
Creative, never stop writing from your creative heart. : )
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