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Birds And My Name, Not By Far

This day is early in back-ground chatter
Of birds singing, Still in Autumn, October
Chirping lots of whisling songs
Creative talker's , they sure are !
Off.. the Winter, now delayed
By Pollutor's, their own chosen ways !
Decisions planned in tune with Laws
Passed or Not, Voting Plots
Birds tweet sweet songs, as Deer Run Free (?)
Many hear, thou they know, El Nino, Damages, People Did !
Winter's soon, a callin' them, maybe.. To fly, in higher skies
Goin'away, where it is there warm,V- Line shaped above our heads
Leaving us, to far off lands, stay a little longer
The changes of the Season's Alterred.
Don't blame my Name, blame you, he only invented the Diesel Engine
Because I walk, I do not Pollute, like you do !
Shame, in My Name ? Not by far, by the way, how's your cars !
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Joan Gray More than 1 year ago
Nature is important to life, but how the people pollute the earth .
Lauren Hannon More than 1 year ago
Lovely topic to speak about. Something that does really need to be highlighted. Well done!
John Maher More than 1 year ago
Her poetry is polluted by global warming propaganda. But her angst is well communicated.
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