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Your mind you made clear,

Your mind you made clear, you wouldn't want me
My mind I made clear , I can't live with out you
so this time we've been friends, you've listened to me
since the break up you is all i think
your mind i made clear, You can't come back
My mind You made clear, I won't leave
so my mistakes I've done fixed,
since the break up we've reminisced
our minds think clear neither of us want s to be here,
for i live here want to be with you,
And you live there wanting to stay.
distance is the game we both play.
like cards we hide our hand,
I play to remind you of the love and when i asked for your hand,
You play as if you don't love me, yet your poker face is just to plain to see
there is times when your clear as day,
that my love is the game you wish to claim.
to rest for the night you do, as I am sleepless thinking of you
for you to wake and have better things occupy your mind
the only thing i can think of is how to again make you mine,
I cast down the card of time and you do too as it heals all wounds,
so I hold in my head thoughts that our love isn't dead
And you claim it's only friends but we talk like were dating instead
p*ss it my insanity, or may calamity, or is it in fact you
playing lies trying to hide how you love me too
Oh Dear baby for once I called you that remember
for a year and three months I didn't know how to act
now I realized that with out you I dismembered
I will wait till you understand that I finally found that love is a two part act
In final I must say sorry, and I'll make a pact
give me this one last chance and I'll never give it back
for you my dear, for you I want to hold near
I'll trade everything to get you and nothing to leave
I want to hold the World in my arms
So please let's snuggle up and stay warm by the fire
and when you get to "HOT" I'll be your ice to keep you calm
you love is the only thing in this universe in which I desire
(dedicated to Kala Saxbury)
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keith Burns More than 1 year ago
entailing my chase for the woman i love and how she knows i love her but don't want to take a chance with me again.
Poetry.com 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Melody Cardwell More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed reading this. Most poems are very short and not as in depth as yours is. Thank you for sharing!
Felix Lugo More than 1 year ago
Jordan Hughes More than 1 year ago
I like this poem due to the fact it is very long and interested unlike most poems.
mitiusit More than 1 year ago
thank you, Jordan.
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