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Lose Yourself

Some people have trouble coming up with a story,
not just characters or the time and place,
but the whole feeling of a story.
You create a whole new world inside of your own,
a world that you can escape to when you feel insufficient.
Writing envelops me, I can’t seem to stay away.
 I crave a new dimension of life, a life where inanimate objects talk,
 a life where pigs actually do fly.
I wish I would have started writing at a younger age;
the childish mind is so willing.
So willing to color outside of the lines,
it’s not afraid of receiving opposition. It’s not afraid of someone saying “no.”
 I am.
I wish I could completely lose myself in my writings
but I constantly think to myself;
“how will my friends react when they read this?”
 “How will people view me?”
 It’s a poor habit, I must admit.
 But it makes me love writing all the more,
 in my writing I am free from the judgment of others,
free from the negativity seen everywhere.
I am un-tethered,
and I am powerful.
I have the power, To create.
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Poetry.com 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Yvonne Sensing More than 1 year ago
emotional and relatable, love it
Sharon Bullett More than 1 year ago
Poet keep your pen flowing
Chris Bartlett More than 1 year ago
Let go, get lost in it and you will find yourself, the parts you are yet to know....
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