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Arfa Kareem

Note: Arfa Kareem is Pakistan's pride! B/c she was the youngest microsoft specialist and had an opportunity to meet Bill Gates. She had died on 14 january ( 1 yr ago)... This is a tribute to her. Wish you Arfa, you'll get each n' every blessing in your grave.

 My pen stops me…
“No!”…My mind says…
When I write about Arfa,
That she has left us!
I know your importance,
And so the people do…
Don’t you know?
We’re proud of you!
She was a prodigy…
A genius you can say.
People miss you Arfa!
Since your “death-day”.
You are our pride…
And we do love you.
Even though you’ve gone…
We’ll always remember you!
I hope in the future,
We’ll be seeing more Arfa’s
Who’ll become our pride,
And then shine like stars…! J
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Cynthia Macy More than 1 year ago
Beautiful poem...inspiring...I am glad she was your pride!
Elias Foukis More than 1 year ago
Good poem
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