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To Make a Change

The desire to make a change-
Where does it come from?
Is it through actions?
And deeds?
Or does the
Power lie within
The depths of the heart where
The peak of desperation
Is both near and far
At the same time
For a change to occur
The spark is ignited
It is through actions and
Deeds displayed
That we reflect our
Honest intentions
To bring about,
A revolution in society
For the attainment of
"The American Dream"
The heart is an organ that
Is malleable in nature,
It is the beholder of a
Power that goes beyond
The function of any part
Of the body working,
Intermittently with the
It has the capacity to
Soften and harden to degrees
Of various magnitudes
Even the coldest
Heart can melt and be
Into an
Abyss if stillness and
Tranquility that is,
Inescapable and calming
To the depths of ones
Soul during a revolution
Of the heart
The heart is caving in,
Now is the time to
Make a change for
The betterment of
Society, the world and
A unifying force
That is undeniable and
Constantly prevalent
An intense struggle
Beyond ones comprehension,
It is worth the battle
A revolution can occur
Anywhere as long as
The flame remains
Forever kindled
Within the heart
Of those who fight the war
For peaceful coexistence
I can see change
Rising over the horizon
It is presented in a reincarnation
Of a Phoenix that rose,
From a pile of ashes
In a sudden fury
That was
Picked up in a gust of
And transformed
Itself into a majestic bird
That signifies rebirth,
The Phoenix rises from
The ashes as a sign of infinite
A form of new life
As he rises from the ashes,
The Phoenix
With extended wings
Sets flight over the world
An everlasting reminder
That when change occurs,
Things will never be
The same
It is a sign of rebirth, a sign
Of a cohesive bonding
Between society and oneself
A revolution
Is waiting to
Occur every single second
Of the individuals existence
A constant emblem offering
The message that
One person,
One act of kindness,
One kind word,
And a single act of
Tolerance makes a difference,
An everlasting imprint
On the hearts of others
The Phoenix is an emblem
That we too
Can soar free
Like this majestic bird
Risen from the ashes of
Acts of change and revolutions
Gone by
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Soaring Eagle More than 1 year ago
I know my poems are long, but I believe they contain a powerful message. This poem is about the concept of rebirth and the desire to make a change. I know it is long, but I believe that people will called to read it based on its content and not it's length. As always I am open to criticisms, praise, and suggestions as long as they are respectful. This is my second piece on this cite my other is "The Pendulum" a poem that is longer than this but is also very deep. Please feel free to read and review both.
Poetry.com 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Charles George Wituck More than 1 year ago
I would edit and make longer lines and eliminate some words and create stanzas.
Donka Krsteva More than 1 year ago
in-depth reflection... can express same concept with fewer words; loved the impulse... always to rise and be free
Soaring Eagle More than 1 year ago
Perhaps the concept could be explained with fewer words....That is something I will have to consider for my next poem. I appreciate your kind words.
Debbie Kohl-Mangold More than 1 year ago
it didnt keep my interest
Soaring Eagle More than 1 year ago
I was considering that when I posted it....I really like it too though so I am trying to figure out alternate structure so it doesn't seem so overwhelming. Thanks for your kind words.
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