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god bless me

god bless me on this night
allow me to see another light of day
open my eyes to better ways
dont let me fall into my grave
god please bless me
let me keep my motivation,determination
what keeps me striving for a better ressurrection
born again i am willing and ready to win
god please bless me
as i take my leap of faith
catch me and show me the way
be my guardian angel
and guide me through the devil's ray
god please bless me
to live
to love
to laugh
is mylife choice
as im rejoicing my new born life
                     god please bless me                       
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Lucy Caxton Brown More than 1 year ago
God will bless you for those lovely words Kevin your on the path now Thankyou for sharing the poem I enjoyed it very much
Paul Azure More than 1 year ago
Doc Hollidaye More than 1 year ago
very nice
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