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The Moment I Knew I Loved Him

The moment I knew I loved him...
He kissed me like from a scene of a movie.
Our shoes off and the sun blazing in our eyes.
The love I felt for him was so surreal.
I wanted to feel, to love, to have knowledge.
He showed me the otherside noone else had known.
His ways of life merely simple and irritant to me.
Though he had not truly loved to this time.
I wish everyone could feel what we felt that day.
How our lips seemed to be nsync with our feelings.
The way we seemed to move with the wave of the water.
I knew I loved him in that moment, because God was with us that day.

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Cassandra Carr More than 1 year ago
i liked this poem because it does not rhyme. Also, i really like love stories adn romance novels so this poem is right up my alley.
Joe Fritz More than 1 year ago
heart felt to say the least. but it can use just a little work on the timing and word placement
Michael Carey More than 1 year ago
nice reading
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