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A Woman's Worth





a woman's worth,

where could it go wrong?

To  be misused,

and treated like crap,

we as women,

dont have to put up with this crap.

A sense of belonging,




the things we go through,

is a story never told.

A woman's worth is like gold,

something that should be cherished,

not passed around like a toy,

feeling dirty and embarrassed.

Feelings of shame and guilt,

emptiness inside,

there is some pain,

that you just cannot hide.                                              
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Jacob T More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed reading!
Donald Loudon More than 1 year ago
Nobody should be treated any better or worse than anyone else!
Ging Alburo More than 1 year ago
Good job keep it up
martin sully More than 1 year ago
as a man it make me think
Ashley Ann 6 months ago
Nice Read enjoyed it keep writing 
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