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Doctor Who Poem

Everything comes to an end
You can't save them
They always die for you and at your feet
You always get revenge
But you don't carry a weapon
In the end you become a monster
You can turn a whole army around
You create and end worlds
You start and finish wars
Your a good man Doctor
But a good man always goes bad 
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Megan Hedgecock More than 1 year ago
i love doctor who! :DDDDDDDDD this poem made my day. great job, my friend
The Pinocchiø Poet More than 1 year ago
A Doctor Who fan? I like this, have been watching that since the Tom Baker days (70's). Good poem.
Naushaba Perveen Khan More than 1 year ago
Tina Morrison More than 1 year ago
This poem starts out dark lightens a bit then returns to dark. I feel angerand distrust being conveyred in the poem.
Emmanuel Akor More than 1 year ago
Roche P. Borres More than 1 year ago
Ronald Bunch More than 1 year ago
Larry Groves More than 1 year ago
The subject matter was clear, but do good men always good bad? I'm not sure.
Afrah Aziz More than 1 year ago
dint get it sory..good ppl go bad..yes agreed..hw did d doctor cum in b/w.?..neways mayb i culdnt get it..thanks for sharing..
yvonne sensing More than 1 year ago
well done
Jose Rodriguez More than 1 year ago
does not make sense
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