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probably it is not sufficient a metamorphosis
to wake up an alien with green skin
like lizards, with a glance, technically,
aggressive, but not to worry as much as me.
in fact the only thing that I would like to be used
by thoughts is how and where can I get off
from my mind:

by the internal scale
by the lacrimal gland
by the larynx
by the bladder

or simply through an incision. a crack in reality
tired as when I felt asleep in a station and
I barely opened my eyes to capture
a retired bus

and the sense that I retain only
for the thought of death.

probably it needs more
than a transformation into an green alien to have
that feeling of lost in space and time
why am I here in this room?
why am I in my life?
why am I in your life?

or that feeling we encounter in passing only when
someone presses his knee in your chest:
you want to pull air and you can’t, try again and
you fail, you fail and feel like instead to be filled something
is emptying yourself of all life -

and  you do not understand yet
what is life.

 metamorphosis probably it’s not needed besides
a different transformation. something like
an incurable disease
that it passes you through all the stages of an alien:

from being a parasite that only lives in your body,
the one that changes your behavior,
It consume the whole mankind inside,
it alter your image,
and it grows your own self perception to make you feel
a thousand times more powerful anxieties, expectations, -

so after a while
when all processes are complete and inside you
that stranger  is ready and you feel
It is ready to go with you, -
then you feel the chest torn out
for everybody seeing what beast, what monster.

even if there's no metamorphosis
in any case, there is a morning when you wake up
with the feeling that something has changed irrevocably,
that nothing can be as it was and
you are going to perdition.
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Ingrid Luvgud More than 1 year ago
your poem is great and you are great philosopher with big depression. I think, I start to like your style
Leonard Ancuta More than 1 year ago
that you write as much as you can think about my poem. probably is late.
EDWARD GREEN More than 1 year ago
Anna Laurencio More than 1 year ago
sera fait, merci pour le partag will done, thanks for sharing"
Scott Hirsch More than 1 year ago
Leonard Ancuta More than 1 year ago
that's all?
Katie Respalie More than 1 year ago
Derrick Puente More than 1 year ago
nice job
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