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At Peace

Long days are over,
for the sun its time to sleep.
No more kisses from her lover,
she begins to weep.

Inside to stay warm,
looking far ahead.
anticipating the storm,
quiet before the dead.

A single tear drop,
one last sigh.
Button up the crops,  
watch her fade and die.

 All quiet she is now,  
muffled is her cry.
 Cold covers her with snow,
  a peaceful soul to lie.  
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Adrienne Rico More than 1 year ago
I wrote this poem when Richard Pitman and I were no longer together and I found out he was with another women. I was heart broke and shattered. Thinking about how our love had faded and died I noticed that the fruit stands that they have on corners during the summer were gone and I could feel the parallel of our love being happy and warm like the summer feels to being cold and dying like winter...
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Guaranteed Success More than 1 year ago
Nice use of contradiction between warm and cold between the 2nd and 4th couplet. I like your pentameter and use of rhyme scheme. It was easy to read and the most important words fell on the apt beats(dead, lie)
Adrienne Rico More than 1 year ago
thank you!
Donna Stankunas More than 1 year ago
Great poem
Adrienne Rico More than 1 year ago
Sassy Lilly Emery More than 1 year ago
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