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Returning Home

Not knowing what to do, or where else to go 
I made a decision, a very bad one to return home
there to end the pain, suffering, and bitterness I felt
knowing I would no longer, fear, or feel pain again

upon arriving home, my mum was out, I felt happy
that I could meet my brothers, and sisters, to say good bye
they were happy to see me, and I felt so blessed
that what I came for, no matter what they were happy

I took a bottle of Asprins, that my mum had in her room
went to my old bedroom, closed the door, and swallowed all
as I lay down on my bed, I ask god to forgive me for what I did
but god took pity on me, my sister was afraid she couldn't wake me up

so she called my grandma, who had just return home from babados
she rush to my side, gave me some milk, and force me to throw up
when I felt better, she beat the daylights out of me, and hug me after
I've never seen my grandma cried so much, after I told her why
I learn a valuable lesson that day, never to take life as I did it is precious 
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Glendora Edward More than 1 year ago
my poem is about the struggles a young person may have to go through without the support of family, so parents keep your children close and cherish them
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Yvonne McKitrick More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this very much, thank you.
Nicholas Couvdos More than 1 year ago
Another poet suffers. Hope life is well now. Thank you for sharing your pain. I hope your next poem is a love poem.
Donald Striker More than 1 year ago
It sounds more like a letter than a poem. But I'm glad you're ok.
Jeff Harris More than 1 year ago
Such a great deal of emotion has gone into this poem.
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