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"The Best Husband In The World"

He`s the best Husband in the world; And that I can`t deny. Between his job, cooking, & cleaning, he still has time to hold me when I cry.

This past year has been rough on us; Somehow we have managed to pull through; If I didn`t have him beside me, helping me stay strong, I don`t know what I`d ever do!

He does so much for the kids and I, and never even complains a bit; I`ll never know how he puts up with me, and my ever so often “little fits”.

I`m amazed more everyday with him and his unconditional love; I`m not sure how I got so lucky to be with him forever……….. Must have been a miracle from up above.
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Faith Hudson More than 1 year ago
great tribute to your husband, glad you got a good one, so do I
J.T. Pete More than 1 year ago
you are blessed and you share your feeling of appreciation directly here.
Chris Misdary More than 1 year ago
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