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The Outcast's Wife

What is an Outcast?
Is he kind or cruel?
A thing of the past-
Is this still true?

Why be an Outcast-
For pleasure, for joy?
Why be the last,
For your kind, destroy'd?

For what reason do you
Continue your life?
You're one of few
And wracked with strife!

You fight for a cause
That no longer exists;
Yet you do not pause,
Continuing to resist!

Your past is hidden
From all prying eyes;
By no one are you bidden-
Then again, no one tries.

Tell me, dear Outcast,
What is the truth?
Present or past,
Show me your proof!

Show me your lives
Show me your sorrows
Show me your goodbyes
And I’ll stay for your tomorrows.
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Karen Schlorer More than 1 year ago
The Outcast's Wife is a companion piece to The Outcast, formerly called The Past. I tried to capture how an outcast's wife, where he to have one, would feel watching him go through all this pain.
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Chaute Player More than 1 year ago
Things that make you go hmmm
Anne Ferreira More than 1 year ago
You can only help someone who is willing to change, but that.doesn't.mean you should stop trying q
Suleiman Abdullahi More than 1 year ago
Drink water while writing it and sung it out. Keep up.
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