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Lord, help me up

                               Lord, Help me up
Lord , plese help me to pull myself up,
As if in hell, I find myself stuck.
Whatever I did, & will do--
You gave your only son to see me through.
As long in his heart his love is true..
Lord, all I need is your grace,
To humble myself, in your grace,,,
I've felt as though I do not fit in.
So how & who do I trust - to begin again.
Because for whtever I did or will do,
As long in his name, he'll see me through.
Lord, your light shines on me,
To open the doors for others to see.
Whether we stay or whether we leave,
He will be beside us for eternity...
                                 steve gross 8/11/12  tm
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Steve More than 1 year ago
As if stuck in a quagmire, I find myself floundering at times. steve gross
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Gino Valentine More than 1 year ago
Good Job
Steve More than 1 year ago
Thank you Gino, Life can be a tough road ,but we have to keep our faith, sincerely steve gross
johnboy walker More than 1 year ago
Jesus will save you today if you just call upon his name. Reach out in faith and ask him to come into your heart. He will wash away your sin and give you a brand new start. And he will never, ever leave you nor forsake you. (my prayer right now is that you will open up your heart and receive His forgiveness) jw.
Yvonne's Poetry More than 1 year ago
i agree
Yvonne's Poetry More than 1 year ago
love it
Erica Lynn More than 1 year ago
t is really nice keep it up
Anna Laurencio More than 1 year ago
Devon O'Connor More than 1 year ago
very spiritual.
Steve More than 1 year ago
thank you very much, sincerely steve gross
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