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"My day is coming"

It's another day
and I'm going even higher,
For today I have a reason
to become a little brighter.
No longer letting you
hold the ties,
So don't look for my cries.
You may have been able
to hide the devil
in your desguise,
All will want to know the why's
for they will see through
your lies.
The solitude
you think you have
will soon be in my grasp.
Don't you see
the smoldering in my eyes,
The hatered in my cries.
To many years living a lie,
Not all truths are spoken,
It's time to be awoken.
If for some reason
your searching
for another way,
Don't bother
because I'm here to stay.
Ain't nobody big enough
to keep me away.
By candi Jo Lester
Soon to be known as
Sweetness Joleen Winters
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Angels Unite More than 1 year ago
I like it
David Tarantino More than 1 year ago
I felt this one. Sounds like I might have been at one time the kind of one to/about whom this was written. Thanks for giving a grain of understanding to how that may have been experienced.
Robert Harrison More than 1 year ago
I do not think that your day is comming Candi, I think that you have made up your mind that it is here, and here to stay. A powerful write of who is the boss from now on.
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