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Drowning In An Endless Sea

Silently, will you come with me
And drown our souls in the endless sea?
Will you die in the dreams of cold or live in the stories we've told?
Can you see what lies in the dark?
Can you see the death of our spark?
Is life fading from you now, are you lost in that endless sea?
\Time has passed us by so fast
And given us life that will never last
We have become slaves to fate
Who has us love when it is too late
Lies have made their way to you abandoning what you believed was true
Threatening to bring life's betrayl and end,
The pain that haunts you will not mend
\Silently, we will always be drowning our souls in the endless sea
We've yet to die in the dreams of cold
But we're trapped in the stories we've told
We have witnessed Death in the dark
We felt his touch that killed our spark
Our souls have drifted from this world
Forever lost in our endless sea
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Lil'Kalin Mills More than 1 year ago
Wow i am impressed with this poem. I can tell there is deep feeling in it and expresses helplessness, and passion, and sadness all at the same time. Great job!
Cindy O'Nanski More than 1 year ago
Very deep. Interesting to read. Welll expressed!!!!
Randy Lynn More than 1 year ago
...interesting. thank your for writing this beautiful poem i love it and you to also
Cy Cunningham 8 months ago
amanda Macias More than 1 year ago
i felt a connection with this
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