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Twin flame.

WIll the flames ever touch again?
Will the ultimate union be reached?
Will the instigator have the will to push?
What will be the outcome if the fires should touch?
WIll it be intense enough that it burns out the fuel?
Is the fuel ever rejuvenating?
If you look close enough into the fire you will see crystal caverns, 
Surrounded by a warm light that sears the eyes.
The fire has been kept tendered for so long.
Waiting for the tapestry to be thrown off to show the signal to the other posts.
The light she moves. 
Across boundless mountain tops.
Across fields of magic forest.
The spirit awakens.
The sword is pulled.
It speaks words.
The blade is sharp and strong.
Yet you barely see it,
Unless you search for it,
Then it shows ever brightly
And warms your soul,
The giant snake is calling.
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Joseph Jones More than 1 year ago
Donum Deus More than 1 year ago
"Brain puke" can often come out looking amazing. Great imagery and rejuvenating touch
Johanna Bundschuh More than 1 year ago
I really like how just reading it you can picture exactly what the poet is "seeing" I just don't in my heart and soul LOVE it but it is beautiful
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