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A lie to live.

Agony it was indeed, to see you walk away  
pain seared through my heart, breaking it into two.  
I stood there slightly disillusioned, heartbroken,  
struck by the reality that your love was never true. 
People ask me now, why I let you go, 
and why I can’t gather these pieces of my broken life and move on. 
I look at them with tears at the floodgates of my eyes.  
I try to explain that I never expected you to be gone. 
But they keep trying to motivate me, to make me face the reality,  
the reality I deny to accept as I wake up to another day.  
It’s better to lie to myself instead or betray myself than accept this.  
At least I can make it through another day like I did today.  
I don’t like being alone, not that you will ever ask me again. 
I liked your hand ruffling my hair, your lips caressing mine. 
Now sometimes I wonder these feelings weren’t mutual; you will be caressing another's 
And a love we had, I had, has come to fade in the deep waters of time.
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Glen Harris More than 1 year ago
Prashanth Janakiram More than 1 year ago
Thanks Glen
Barbara Cadogan More than 1 year ago
Great expression of emotion
Prashanth Janakiram More than 1 year ago
Thanks Barbara
peyton edmonds More than 1 year ago
let go
Prashanth Janakiram More than 1 year ago
Thanks peyton.
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