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Initiate Me

God Stack it up
Let it fall

This feeling
I surrender all

This part of me
That tries too hard

Rest my soul
On your sovereign word

I find only death on my solutions
With these roles I pursue

How do I let you work
Initiating me to work for you?

Like a gentle stream finds its path
Flowing only where its led
Arriving where your at

Being still
Is the hardest thing to do
For your ordination to ensue

Man on mission
God's initiation
Again...and again

Initiate me
Initiate me
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jose malave More than 1 year ago
can relate to many people
christoph More than 1 year ago
we are gonna need a lot of whiskey and a bat and uhhh just get a stripper!! HURRY UP GET A STRIPPER!!
Kevin Carr More than 1 year ago
Come onnnnn.
Robert Norman More than 1 year ago
Can you offer some critique?
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