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He's smart, dapper, and handsome too
With twinkling, mischievous eyes of blue
Sometimes he's shy and demure  
The next time sassy and bold to be sure   
 Sometimes he can be quite lazy and naps all day
I guess My Einstein has nothing to say  
Also not much of a scientist and could care less
Physics and quantum theories he does not mentally digest
    Not even E=MC 2
I doubt my Einstein ever cared 
My  Einstein is not the brainiac, you think him to be,
For you see,
If my Einstein had a great brain
I would think it strange

Even though he thinks he's all that
My Einstein is only my lovable siamese cat

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Nona More than 1 year ago
My beloved Einstein was the most beautiful cat, however shortly after this poem he was gone. But will always remember what a good friend he was in a great time of need
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Yvonne Sensing More than 1 year ago
I love it, really enjoyed a fun read!
Hina Saxena More than 1 year ago
sweet poem
Jacob Taylor More than 1 year ago
As long as your siamese cat purrs, and cleans himself you're all good! This is a fun, and smart poem.
Rasheed Odunade More than 1 year ago
a good work, drove my imagination in a circle till the last line. a piece for all pet lovers.
Emile Pinet More than 1 year ago
Nice flow of words and a pleasant sounding poem with all the right stuff.
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