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His Nails

For their were four,
but three that touched
his body...
And one was above
the name on the board
  V 4HIM
Can you see the nails,
that were used...
The cross he carried for you
and the crown
that was placed on him
to make him feel abused...
Do you see the stripes,
he bore and bleed threw...
for you and I that day,
Our Majesty, Elohim,
the nails did not hold
the spirit away..
For that moment where
Mercy took in Grace...
The earth shook, moved everyplace...
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private More than 1 year ago
Nice choice of words. A note to help their refers to a person or people.
Jodiann Macklin More than 1 year ago
Their were four in his family present
PHILL -OSOPHY SOUZA More than 1 year ago
Jodiann Macklin More than 1 year ago
This is a puzzle poem it has more depth then just
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