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My Time Is Precious

My time is precious, therefor I must not waste it
I must consentrate on my music, so I can taste it
The feel of it, and its whole inner meaning
You think some punk a** b****, is going to stop me from singing
I don't think so, you see i've been doing this ever since I was three
So there ain't no way in h***, they're going to get rid of me
I must be persistent, and write til my heart has no more ink
Inner scriptures make it swifter in order for my brain to think.
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Robert Alicias More than 1 year ago
good try
drkgbalakrishna More than 1 year ago
Angela Neon Garcia More than 1 year ago
too many asterisks tends to kill the rating
Manuel More than 1 year ago
Thx 4 comment
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