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Why do I Still Miss You

I remember once
I held you close
So many times you were just a ghost
Running from my ghoulish face
Leaving in such an unnatural pace
But now these days my thoughts are blurred
I never knew that it could hurt
Another day
Another wound
The final time that i will mourn
I remember the times that id be down
While other kicked me
You'd come around
And take my hand and help me up
But now the times are getting worse
And i can't find you anywhere
I visit your grave
Always leaving three red roses
Missing you so much
Why did you have to go
It was all my fault
I couldnt get to you in time
But now i'll be there soon
Wherever death takes me
I dont care
As long as im able to see you
My hand holding the metal
The barrel touching my temple
My other hand will never leave your stone
Whats the point of living life
If your not there to save me
I pull back the hammer
And the last thing i remember
Was a loud noise
And every memory of you
Racing through my mind
But now that im here
Sitting with you
I realize things right now
Couldnt get any better
I'll always be here for you
And now i can help you up whenever you fall
So please tell me
The voices around us
The people dressed in white
p*ss this what death is like
If it is
Then why do i still miss you?
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Katie Grooms More than 1 year ago
I think that this poem flows really well and I love it most simply because I'm a stickler for lyrical poems. I'm like a female Dr. Suess! (: I also love the content. I understand how you're feeling here.
Nikki Cheek More than 1 year ago
Happens to us all
yvonne sensing More than 1 year ago
very touching indeed...excellent poem
Romeo Della Valle More than 1 year ago
It is really hard to deal with a situation like that but we must face the music one way or another! We must find strength and patience by keeping our faith up high! A well penned write! Thank you for sharing! Keep it up! God Bless You! Love and peace for always! Romeo-NYC
Larry Stallings More than 1 year ago
lost love
Karen Leach More than 1 year ago
Heartfelt and scary.
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