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Winter Romance

Figure-eights and pirouettes
Circles carved in icy sets
Frosty breath and reddened cheeks
Snowflakes call and winter speaks
...come along with me

We can fly and catch the breeze
Leave all behind like solemn trees
Race the wind for hours on end
You'll see in me you've found a friend
...if only for awhile

With razored edge and silky grace
Anticipation shines on your face
Taking hold 'til you just can't wait
Melting inside to meet this fate
...for now I know

Carve your circles deeper still
The patterns cut into the chill
And though it's only now and then
If we could be together again
...this love would never last...
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T. M Ioane More than 1 year ago
Loved the use of imagery, well written and thought provoking. You surely have a beautiful talent in descriptive insight.
Janit Leonard More than 1 year ago
excellent imagery
Jawahar Gupta 11 days ago
God gives us all things at the price of laborious work and dignity
To live out vast expanse of Heritage's legacy to seize our destiny 

~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~
Marty Henry More than 1 year ago
A painted picture of ones luv.
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