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Thoughts of Solidarity

This evening says farewell
For the day, to welcome the night.
Separation may be a pain
Yet one must endure it.

World of uncertainty
Is where we all dwell.
Vice and virtue
Is inextricably mingled.

This moon is looking at me in mokery
Seeing my isolation.
Perhaps it may pity me,
Feeling my solidarity.

Now love needs identity
Affection demands condition
Peaceful life requires money
And respect comes with status.

This silver moon is long gone
And dark cloud moves around
Increasing darkness for the
Already darker night.

Yet I am confident,
There will be a dawn.
So bright in shedding light,
The one to drive darkness outright.

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U
Previously published in Tumblr
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Jason Jerome 3 months ago
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