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My Crystal Ball

I look into my crystal ball
But can't see anything at all
I ask:"How will be my tomorrow?
Will I find happiness or sorrow?"
"Will I win the lottery?
Is a fortune waiting for me?"
I look again, this time I see
My crystal ball winking at me
I suddenly do realize
Tomorrow brings its own surprise
With you so closely by my side
My day will be happy and bright
Our future is a mystery
Now knowing it will set me free
So goodbye my crystal ball
I know,I don't need you at all.
        Elisabeth Clark Harcrow
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doina More than 1 year ago
Like it
Sandra Meadows More than 1 year ago
Cy Cunningham 9 months ago
Rachel Tsu More than 1 year ago
LIKE IT!! So much meaning in it . . .
Annie Lander More than 1 year ago
some nice thoughts.
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