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A Typical Day

A scream is heard,
High-pitched and deathly.
Another scream;
This time of another nature.
\Red and white are the rotating colors;
Blue mixed within.
These colors represent honor and remorse,
As people run about the streets.
\Hope cannot be found.
Fear has taken over.
The fight is fought as matters still,
And the fog fades from the ground.
\A head hangs low as lives are put away.
Sadness settles in;
A decision has been made.
A graveyard can be seen from a distance.
\One last scream is heard.
Gregorians chant a deathly toll.
Souls are lost but later,
Others may have a chance.
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Eddie Johnson More than 1 year ago
Loved it tremendously poet from beginning to end! Keep shining in poetry!
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