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My Grandma Is My Guardian Angel

My grandma is my guardian angel, she's watching over me;
She now lives up in Heaven, from pain she's been set free;
I know that I will see her again, when God calls my name;
We'll meet at those pearly gates, where there's no sorrow nor shame.
\She's waiting for all her lovedones to join her, so
The circle can be whole once more;
I can't wait till I can hold her hand again, and walk
With her on that beautiful shore;
She still lives within my heart, her memories I hold so dear;
Sometimes when I think of her, somehow she seems so near.
\Sometimes when I get so down and out,
I can hear a voice whisper in my ear;
"You'll see me up in Heaven again", that's what I think I hear;
Yes my grandma is my guardian angel, she's watching
Down from Heaven above;
And when I see a flower bloom, that's grandma sending
Down her love.
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