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America is Freedom

We awoke to a live bad movie on TV and then the scream, another one just hit! I was getting my first cup of joe. What was that and how did it happen? Is anyone alright? Back in front of the screen the whole family staring then crying at the scenes and calls from loved ones is everyone alright? What … Why?
\A plane just flew by and crashed more killed neighbors, friends, and loved ones in the blink of wicked eyes. We are just getting partial comprehension and learn yet another plane is falling from the sky. This one yanked from your plan by the same people that you tried to overtake.
\Thank You, Thank You, so many lives saved and so many have been made angels by acts -- so brave. We take resolve as we learn of these feats all beyond comprehension many a hero before victim. The lives, the families, the total impact; they were just used to execute your terrible plan and you believing us a lingering victim. Do you have God?
\Mine is calling me to sing out to the families and to the spirit of the lives that have soared to back to the eternal home. Spirits singing back to us we can hear them by the triumphs of the lives saved and of our lives that are now changed forever. We join them, all singing GOD BLESS AMERICA the land that we love.
\Their plan was bad from the start done with more evil than thought. Fore had you did, you would know that the best part of freedom…is that it is a choice. You did not give us one with this act of madness; Yet we did not even bend even though our hearts are filled with sadmadness. Did you figure that in your sick plan?
\Our choice is to help, dig, donate, bake and make the hard choices cowards like you never could make. This is bigger than you, and your biggest mistake was underestimating the resolve of people when their freedom is at stake. America is freedom and we choose to always see it this way giving us something that cannot be taken away!
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Nelson Jacobsen More than 1 year ago
Was in Adams Morgan, DC the morning of 9/11 and followed along with horror at the days events and this poem and Hero Before Victim where my attempt to cope with all that was unfolding.
Poetry.com 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Alan Green 'Guppyman' More than 1 year ago
the poet tells of all of a soul trrue to who they are
Samaria Driscoll More than 1 year ago
good job.
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