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Loss of a Loved One

A fluttering of images;Flying by my mind's eye
The light and the happiness ;That had been that day
That Morning;She cried for me
Reaching her chubby arms toward me;Like I was all there was
That afternoon;A reward to find something missing
A race to be the first;Giggling and pushing
Then it happened;A scared ten-year old voice called to me
From Her room;I wasn't worried;Why would I be?
Then I saw her;Pallid;
With splotches of black and blue all over
Her tiny body cold And...
\I ran;Yelling for help
My sister came running;Taking her downstairs
We were kept upstairs ;But I caught a glimpse;
My weeping Sister;Cradling and rocking her still form
A siren;Loud and shattering
Coming from an orange-striped vehicle
And I saw my sister;Still weeping
She couldn't stop ;And neither could I
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Joann Shew More than 1 year ago
Very well written, it trully hits home
Doc Sheriff More than 1 year ago
Nice Written, Well Done would you please review some of my poems ?!
Randall Flagg More than 1 year ago
That was hard to read, and Im sure hard to right as well... Good for you; I hope the writing was cathartic. Good luck!
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