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Truth Must Be The Truth

At last she revealed the truth;
Now the clouds are vanished. 
And the sky is clear with bright Sun
The air is light and pleasant indeed.

The mild fragrance in her is verily interesting
The flowers on her hair is not withered!
There's love in her talk and 
Life in her act, aren't they?

Tears in my eyes can make a ocean
Love often causes commotion
Life is filled with various emotions
How intellect could ever remove apprehension?

The evening sky is filled with birds
Heading towards their nests to take some rest.
And the evening sky is quiet and mysterious
Is the red sky in angry mood any way?

The world is being silent at night
Excepting the sound of the strong wind.
The fluttering birds dashing towards their nests
Must be the signal for the entire world to take rest!
A Poem by Ayubkhan.U
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Larry Stallings More than 1 year ago
may we all see creation as the port does
Wael Aboud Mohamed More than 1 year ago
nice Nature is a powerful source of poetty
Sufi Fransi More than 1 year ago
A good read, ideas expressed with creative clarity
Subhashchandra Adhav More than 1 year ago
A nice picturesque poem--
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