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Maya Angelou

May we always be graced with your thoughts, As you have now left such things go. Yesterday was our time with you, And now we all travel well feed from your repast of life entailed. 

Always the spokeperson for the heart you know which words to set apart and left us a legecy of now poetic history that for one lifted up my ambition.  Now we struggle on against the machines on a soul juice up by your legency. Gathering of the Storm clouds have parted for you dear -- rest is now here; Enough of your work for a life time is still waiting our years.

Let us embark together one not alone and reach for the heavens together sown by poems.  Only you Maya Angelou could gavenize the people, words and stars and we only need to embrase your gifts to us. Unabridged by life meager teathers you are now the Universe.  

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Larry Barry More than 1 year ago
Good one
KR BALAKRISHNAN More than 1 year ago
good poem
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