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ragdoll Romance

I'm a toy.
A cute boy toy,
Built to bring the broken joy.
When you don't feel quite fine
Just pull my line, I'll sing a rhyme or pantamime a mountain climb!
Anything to calm your mind from what's eating you inside.
You can dress me up and braid my hair, 
Tell me how your life's unfair
Who's and what's and when's and where's
And how nobody really cares?
I really hate to see a frown,
So instead let's go to town! and dance and run and fly and bound!
All i ask, don't put me down. 
Cus it gets lonely on the ground...
The secret to my sympathy
Is heartbreak is not new to me.
My maker was a simple man of simple means and simple dreams.
A burlap sack was what he found, so for thread he scrounged around
And from it he made me.
My maker then began to start the task of looking for the proper part
That was to become my heart .
For though though our worlds were far apart
he saw in me a work of art,
And from his shirt he cut my heart.
Red thread he bound me all together, thought that i would last forever.
kept safe with just that little red cotten line.
But through the time, the little line that held my heart together began to weather.
My burlap body stood the test of time, 
The stitching held, would not resign.
But that red line that kept my heart's two halves entwined, it did unwind.
and now the line, it comes out from my spine.
The more you tug, more it unwinds
Tearing my heart apart.
It makes me hurt to to hear it tear,
My rhymes i tell for me to spare 
The anguish of my broken heart,  
I share their pain, its quite an art.
Mistake or planned? I do not know
All i know is heartach's throes.
I hope that if I'm sweet enough, someone will notice this scuff on my design,
Resew the line, and life can again be divine.
I'll be hers, and she'll be mine.
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Patrick Webb More than 1 year ago
A scribble I did on my lunch break last night, i work graveyards so I get a lot of time to think. I usually write 2 or 3 a week, if you guys like it illcpost more. I have an idea for one about a porcupine I'll ppbly write tonight :)
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Muriel Kay Kochersperger More than 1 year ago
Patrick Webb More than 1 year ago
Ladarius Brown More than 1 year ago
I love it
Patrick Webb More than 1 year ago
Karey Scott More than 1 year ago
not sure how to feel about this one
Patrick Webb More than 1 year ago
Yeah, a little bit lol. Sometimes you just want to write a sad poem I guess. And advice, feedback, critiques?
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