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Into the fire

You’ve said all these lies a thousand times before
Honey, can you see that I don’t believe you anymore?
I have finally seen the light and darling I now understand
You were just a little boy with games and quicksand
You watch me sink and laughed as I fell into your world
Then as fast as the wind I was left-a stupid, foolish girl
I blamed myself for not seeing all the signs, the blinding light
But darling I’ve realized you created all those stupid, dumb fights
As time after time I stood up for you, I covered up truth with another lie
Yet all I was left with were sparkling, fallen tears swirling in my eyes
For honey can you finally understand? Does the scared, little boy see?
That you will never deserve even with apologizes any part of me
I am gone from your life and out of these lying, sweet arms
This good woman knows she deserves better than a fallen star
So go ahead my little liar spin that web, tell another lie or two
Maybe she wreck your world, leave you when you don’t have a clue
But I won’t there to pick of the pieces this time, I’m far, far away
Maybe somewhere out there waiting is my prince ready to save my day
For I don’t really care as long as he is nothing like my foolish, little liar
I’ll be floating on the clouds above as you sink into the raging fire.
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ryan wart More than 1 year ago
anger runs the game doesn't it
J. A. OVERTON More than 1 year ago
liked this a lot and can relate
Joel Dekany 9 months ago
good poem but yet sad
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