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Tears and blood on the flower

I stand in a garden with soil, water, and sunshine raining down on the flower i've created.
But there are times when I ruin the flower by tearing it's petals, weakning it's soil, and not strengthning its steams and now I am saddened because I poisioned the flower's sweet aroma and you can never smell it's scent again and I wish with tears running down it that I would have taken better care of it and I pray that God replinshes it again.
Blood has stained the flower once pretty now it's ugly because of me and I am forever ruined because I planted things that once stood tall now it is because of me that they will fall.
I can't stop the blood's pour,the rose has been poisioned it's steams have died and as I place the flower in it's coffin I shed tears and I open my chest make a little cut and put my blood on it and then I place it in the coffin and pour the dirt on it and bury it so it can get better sunshine and can be made stronger in due time. 
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Courtney Hubbard More than 1 year ago
great work
Sandra Meadows More than 1 year ago
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