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My Son In Iraque

Your in Iraque,
I'll cover your back.
Mom, is staying,
but I'll be praying.
Keep our son's,
From the enemys guns.
You all stand tall,
Becarefull and don't fall.
Angels will guide you,
So don't be blue.
This war will end,
On that you can depend.
So come home soon,
Be home before noon.
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Pete Crabb Jr More than 1 year ago
I'm a veteran myself and was in Iraq from March of 03 to jan 04. I can't say I know how it feels, but I know that my parents were dealing with more than I was and more than I can understand with me, their baby boy, over there. Besides misspelling Iraq I wouldn't take anything from or change anything written with that much love behind it. Your boy is a man and a hell of a good one at that, and will be fine because we are the best military with the best soldiers who volunteer to defend our country as well as everyone else's too it seems.
Michael Howard More than 1 year ago
hope he returns home safe
Eduardo Juarez More than 1 year ago
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