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tea for two

What is happening ,I just don't know  
I feel so alone ,lost and cold  

Do I miss you   
Do you miss me  
Is there anything left for me to believe  

un touched love my empty cup of tea  
your arms I've longed for you  
To wrap around me  

I still remember your fragrant smells  
when you entered the room I could always tell  

They always seemed to make me smile  
And after you left''   
They stayed with me a while  

You were the light to my life's brilliant glow  
everything I needed all that was unknown  
you gave so freely to help me grow  

My heart has weakened from the weight of time  
As my last feelings of love have begun to unwind  

so were have you gone the mate to my soul  
I need you here by me when we grow old  

I know you were happy and felt safe around me  
all I have now is my warm cup of tea  
and no one is left to share it with me  

only emptyness to your brilliant views  
the one thing I always loved about you     
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Sammer Ghouleh More than 1 year ago
Eli Omer More than 1 year ago
Tea is always better with two
The Dot More than 1 year ago
Kanniappan Kanniappan More than 1 year ago
Fine poem with love.
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