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come dance with me in the rain
soft summer kisses on your skin
heaven on my lips
... continued
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Girl I got a key to a meaning, 
a meaning to true love, 
from shadows I take a step into the light, 
for you I kill a ferocious dragon, 
I plug up a hole in the flood, 
stir up a fight between Heaven and Hell, 
say my name clearly, 
I have a key to your answers, 
I seek the same fright, 
girl just hold on, 
I am in your eyes, 
oh girl you turning me into, 
something new in my eyes, 
with every move made, 
ensues a meaning love, 
we are in each other eyes, 
forget pass pains, 
I reversed the clock, 
now time has stopped for us, 
you will not regret, 
with turning of a key, 
girl I open up like a petal, 
don’t cry I will conquer your smile, 
with every move closer, 
with every touch, 
time has stopped, 
girl for you and me, 
going out of our minds, 
just hold on hard, 
my meaning of love, 
girl it is in your eyes. 
07/27/2014 (c) malenky 
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Well I'm ashame to say it
But its true
I fell in love
... continued
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Killer Doctor on the loose
killer doctor on the prowl
killer doctor on streets
... continued
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Mother's approval
Is it everything
I want to show you
... continued
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A momentary glance  
her gray eyes serious and scrutinizing,
as she passed the mirror;
... continued
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The Background Scene,
Preparing for your Juliet,
One that will never come,
... continued
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When a man has gone to such wxtremes as to
ruin his entire life, Where does he turn?
\A simple dream, Am I so wrong?
Love, Oh God, I've waited so long.
Desires to be needed, held, and shown respect.
Thrown away due to my own neglect.
\I am sorry, is all I can say.
Staring at four walls, oh so far away.
Can any0one hear me?? I guess not..
A castaway and burden that everyone forgot..
\I am crying, pleading for one last chance.
Look at me, I am just asking for one glance.
I promise to show you that I mean what I say.
And the codes of Love, Honor, and respect...I will obey.

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