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All I want is a great big hug
and for us to nap on the middle of the rug

... continued
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There was a chill in the night
As they walked hand in hand;
Their feet waved in the air
... continued
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When my daughter cries
When picking up the pieces of her hair

Death soon is on the way
So the Doctor say

I thought God have chosen her

Weeping like the crystal stream
In the garden of Bliss

Saints are waiting for her coming
The splendour of leaving is expected

She said..."but not from you Doctor"
As she semitone her groans and pain

When my God is ready
I will sing my song
I am sick and weak
And now a fallen Hair of balled

But I will sit strong
And wear my Cancer gowns
Until my time has come

For my God is ever knowing
When my time has come

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This, a last vanguard of freedom,
Careless volition of imagination;
Unfettered, expansive kingdom,
A passion unfiltered in adoration.

In the simple words I now speak,
Uninhibited, beyond doubtful ire;
Oblivious to some Trojan breach,
Indifferent to deadlines in expire.

Ignorant of an unmoved mountain,
Hopelessly blind to unparted seas;
Helplessly naive, enlivened certain,
Effortlessly, delivered on my knees.

Professing undying loyalty head-on,
Pledging intent beyond all promises;
No fear of responsibilty come upon,
Or obligations that it encompasses.

The liberal confession of a true love,
As mysterious as creation unfolding;
Of any feats inspired here n' above,
None exceed what a heart is holding.


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Death pulls life, life pulls death
Tug of war between life and death
... continued
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Wastage is sin, wastage is crime,
Food wastage is crime extreme.
... continued
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Yellows roses. Pink roses. Sunsets. Mountains. Chewy caramels. The silence of the night. A fresh fizzy coke. Hyper puppies. Fuzzie blankets. Musicials. Poems. Iced coffee. Nature walks. Tight, long hugs. The color blue. Sketches. Travel. Crisp water oceans. Polaroid cameras. Soft pajamas. Kisses on the cheek. Blue skies. Laughter. Wildflower boquets. Pink lemonade. Serenity. Willow trees. Lakes. City streets. London, Paris, Barcelona, anywhere but here. The Badlands. Climb up on sand dunes. Tiny kittens. Soft, freshly cut hair. Silk. Magazine clippings. Art museums. Mason jars. Sunrises. Butterflies. Cactuses. Slow dancing. Sundresses. Soulful songs. Colored leaves. Sun-kissed skin. Crisp pages. Fresh flannel sheets. Crystals.
These are my most favorite things, the world's best feelings, and my most wishful desires.
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Abraham stood in front of God,
Believed to give life to the dead;
... continued
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