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Fairy Tales

by N V Williams

How long must we fight to reach our destiny
and who's to say we'll be satisfied with our
accomplishments Do we truly respect the back
breaking work our fathers and mothers died
for when we shoot our brothers and
impregnate our little sisters with the lies
of misguided fairy tales? WHAT are we to do
with our oppressor and who's to say our
shouts of condemnation or raised fists are
even acknowledged by their stubbornly closed
eyes Do we truly know what we are fighting
against as we stand before an army of
hatred? WHAT are we to do with our people
and who's to say our efforts will be
appreciated by a future of leaders composed
of our remaining children Who will only
respect us as much as we respected our
mothers and fathers when we shot our
brothers and impregnated our sisters with
lies of misguided fairy tales

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