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Ode to My Cell Phone

by Trisha Ybarra

I love to stare at your slim body.
Your small curves of silver.
The light in the middle of your face.
The way the blue lights up your eyes.
The characters on your face
Bring a smile to mine.
I love the way I can really press your buttons.
And how helpful of you to tell me the time.
You can even keep me up to date.
I want always to keep you close at hand.
When I'm alone, you connect me to the outside world.
Your music makes me want to dance.
You have numerous melodies.
It's amazing how we can talk for hours.
Your memory is astounding.
You can hold so many numbers and letters.
Where would I be without you?
Our relationship is great.
I talk and talk, you listen.
And our only fight, my dear,
Is when you have no reception!

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