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A Few Good Men

by Isaac Lymon Jr.

The Lord is looking for a few good men.
Men that are willing to take a stand in the name of Jesus,
And not men that will stand for a little while,
Unable to face the test of time.
Men that will allow God into their heart,
Open their eyes, and take charge of their lives.
He that will hold to His unchanging hands
And not a loose-knit group that is ready to disband
When trials come their way.
Men that are willing to walk the last mile,
Who are ready to be ambassadors, conquerors,
Overcomer, and workmen for Jesus.
Ready to be the head and not the tail,
So we can take our rightful and respectful places
In our homes, churches, and our community,
As we venture into this ministry.
The only thing that can happen overnight is a dream,
And sometimes a nightmare,
But a few good men, hard-working men,
Dedicated, faithful, with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
In the midst, we can do anything but fail.

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